Thursday, 12 January 2012

English´s teacher

As I told you in a another post, I´m not a teacher still. But I want to recommed you some resources which I know, that you can use in your classes of English.

Here you can see a video of a song that you can use it, and the students pay attention you. you cant teach them when you sing this song they have to sit down and to be in silent.

And finally I want to tell about "Brtish Council learnEnglish Kids" Is a fantastic website where you can find a lot of resources for kids (game, stories, songs...)
we as teachers have to take advantages of the Internet.
If you want to visit this website, follow the link:

Monday, 9 January 2012


When I was at school, the teacher or English only uses CDs and videos which was our ICT. But in this moment when the teacher uses them, I feel that the activity was more interesting and enjoyable than the text book. Now I know all the tips that exist and I agree completely with their use. Because:

-they permit us that the learning´s process is interactive and significant, provide us thousand of resources which permit to know real material.

-Look for information promotes the development of the students ´critical capacity because they  have to select it, to develop their autonomy and all this generate that the learners feel more motivated in relation with the subject

To sum up, I believe that we should use ICT how It is possible, but mix them with the knowledge  and experience of our teachers and with some traditional skills too. The ICT don´t work alone, they need us, and they facilitate us our work and the learning process of the students.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

I want to be a teacher

Hi my classmates!!

 the first that I want to tell you is that I haven´t had never a blog, so sorry if I have some mistakes.

I have studied Magisterio de EducaciĆ³n Infantil, and now I´m studing as you. I am not teacher still, but I want to be it.
The last year I realice my practises in a school, and I could see how the ICT are used to the students´learning. It was really fantastic because the students are more motivating, and they look for activities and information too.

I think that ICT are very important because they permit us that the learning´s process will be interactive and significant, provide us thousand of resources which permit to know real material, especially in English because is the language of the Internet.
In others entries I will write about my experiences with ICT
I hope your comments!!